Why European?



Today we create the kitchen of tomorrow and secure our future by using fast-growing renewables. Greenline – this is our vision ahead. 

Environmental consciousness at its best. By using corn and other fast-growing renewables we reduce the weight by up to 30% without compromising on quality and stability. It is also for easier handling and transport.

Not just chipboard. BioBoard makes the difference – not only for ecology and economy. It is no different from traditional chipboard in usage and treatment. 


In your kitchen you can see yourself – in both senses of the word! Lacquer sets priorities. Colours are fresher and brighter – at the same time these lacquered kitchens are easily to clean and are brought back to their original lustre even after a hard day’s work. Lacquered kitchens are kitchens for genuine individualists. Kitchens with personality for personalities.




Once a year the kitchen industry invents itself anew, so to speak –the quest for new trends is on. We also show once a year at our in-house exhibition how we interpret and develop further new trends. But we do not re-invent the wheel at our exhibition. Every range of goods preserves the time-tested and adds new innovative elements. We attach great importance to introducing our novelties personally. Design intricacies and/or technological components speak then for themselves.


State-of-the-art technique combined with tradition are core basics of our planning and production methods. This way kitchens of top quality are created that are not only fascinating due to their design and functionality but due to stable value and resistance to wear and tear. A high degree of individualisation possibilties renders possible what we and our customers expect of our kitchens.